“Will we print the NY Times in five years? I don’t care”

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“Will we print the NY Times in five years? I don’t care,” says the NY Times publisher

Despite his personal fortune and impressive lineage, Arthur Sulzberger, owner, chairman and publisher of the most respected newspaper in the world, is a stressed man.
Why would the man behind the New York Times be stressed? Well, profits from the paper have been declining for four years now, and the Times company’s market cap has been shrinking, too. Its share lags far behind the benchmark and just last week, the group Sulzberger leads admitted to a loss of $570 million because of writeoffs and losses at the Boston Globe….Will it be free?
It will not, Sulzberger avers: if you want to read the New York Times online, you will have to pay.
In the age of bloggers, what is the future of online newspapers and the profession in general?
There are millions of bloggers out there and if the Times forgets who and what it is, it will lose the war, and rightly so, re Sulzberger. “We are curators,” he explains: curators of news. People don’t click onto the New York Times to read blogs: they want reliable news that they can trust.

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