Nehmen wir uns schlicht keine Zeit mehr zum (Zeitungs)lesen?

Ich bin zu müde zum Übersetzen oder neu schreiben, deswegen diese GEdanken einfach aus meinem englischsprachigen Blog kopiert:

Just read this twitterfeed by @Thubom:

I still like reading hard copy newspapers than online ones. Oh, How old fashioned I am 🙂

She is actually right. I bet most people still like a hard copies. It’s still the best and easiest way to overview a large number of news at the same time. And: The average article provides you better and deeper information.

The reason why everyone calls the Internet the next newspaper is not paper, and it’s not the content. It’s the lack of time we spend to read news. Since the Internet provides us not only politics and gossips, but also our mail and social network messages at the same time, we are overwhelmed by information.

We just don’t spend enough time on one topic. We are always busy, we are running out of time, instead of prioritizing our time. I am pretty sure everyone has time enough to read a newspaper on the weekend. And I am pretty sure nobody reads the same amount of articles online that he would read offline. Just because our attention span is getting shorter and shorter.

Sidenote: To be invisible, just move very slowly on a busy street. People cannot recognize slowliness anymore 🙂 Ok, kidding.