Lernen Tageszeitungen oder sterben sie?

Das fragt Christie Hefner in einem ihrer Blogs: Will Newspapers Learn? Or Die? – Personalities Blog – Playas – Portfolio.com

So when people say to me that “newspapers are dead, they just don’t know it yet,” because they look at the statistics regarding the fall off (the cliff) of younger readers, I wonder if the issue is less a diminishing interest in news and opinion, and more the failure (to date) to find a business model online to substitute for the business model in print that relied on basic monopolies, two revenue streams (circulation and advertising), and healthy ad rates.

Dasmit hat sie recht. Es fehlt nicht am Interesse an Nachrichten, es fehlt am Zugang zum Medium Tageszeitung. Und, wie schon an andere Stelle moniert, an der Unfähigkeit Pagevies in Geld zu verwandeln. Sagt auch Christie Hefner:

If true, then rather than seemingly focusing on cost-cutting their way out of their problems, perhaps newspaper owners should be focused on first, how to make their online content and the online experience on their sites as compelling as possible, including (buckle your seat belts here!) marketing their sites; second, how to consider offering some of that content or some of those experiences in a disaggregated (i.e., not needing a subscription) manner with simple à la carte pricing–the iTunes model; and finally, how to educate advertisers about how to effectively deploy their online budgets, and why consumers online are worth a lot more than advertisers think.