Vertrauen in Nachrichten

Bei Hugo E. Martin gefunden:, eine Seite, die Nachrichten bewertet,ob man ihnen vetrauen kann.

To address this critical issue, NewsTrust is developing an online news rating service to help people identify quality journalism – or “news you can trust.” Our members will rate the news online, based on journalistic quality, rather than popularity or ideology. Our free website and news feed will feature the best and the worst news of the day, picked from thousands of blogs and mainstream media sources.

Das Personal klingt schon mal beeindruckend:

NewsTrust is led by Fabrice Florin, a former journalist and a digital media pioneer at Apple and Macromedia. Our experienced management team includes award-winning journalist and media executive Rory O’Connor and former Lucasfilm product manager David Fox, who bring extensive track records in content and technology development. Our advisors include Dan Gillmor, Howard Rheingold and other digital media innovators from organizations like Google, Harvard, MoveOn, Poynter, Stanford and others.

Newstrust ist eine Nonprofit-Organisation.