Guardian bringt es auf den Punkt

Der Guardian beschäftigt sich mit der Wirkung der New Media auf Zeitungen.

The need to be the first blog on the block to spread a bit of regurgitated news, complete with your own spin, isn’t obviously a way to become a trusted brand. Speed is the enemy of depth. Newspapers still have a vital role in generating trusted content. Whether it then appears on printed paper, on a portable screen, on a website complete with video (making it converge with television) or a mobile device (where the potential has only been scratched) remains to be seen. At least newspapers, unlike the music industry, aren’t trying to deny that a revolution is taking place.

Dazu passend auch ein Zitat von Roy Greenslade, ehemnaliger Mirror-Chef:
“What we do in newspapers is tell people what we think, it’s a top-down process. What blogs have done is to make a conversation.”