TV-Konsum ohne Fernseher: Was junge Menschen machen

.. steht in einer Umfrage, die E-Poll gemacht hat.

“Multi-Platform Viewing of Video Content,” the youth are leading the way, with 26% of males 13-34 frequent viewers of video on devices other than a TV. Teens are by far the most prevalent users of mobile video devices such as iPods and cell phones….

The study of consumers 13+, to see what they are doing with this freedom to choose, found that among those that view video content away from the TV:

* 75% view on a desktop computer
* 46% view on a laptop
* 16% view on a portable video player
* 13% view on iPod
* 13% view on cell phone
On iPods and cell phones, viewing of video content happens almost anywhere (traveling, school, work outdoors, social events), mostly in the afternoons and evenings. Most watched content includes: music videos, TV programs, movies, videos on websites.

Soll nachher keiner sagen, er hätte es nicht gewusst 🙂